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Massage Sacramento

Are you presently experiencing a high amount a stress in your live and think that a massage Sacramento might be the answer? Talk to the fantastic and knowledgeable massage Sacramento therapists at VSSAGE.   VSSAGE is owned and operated by Vonda Ricciardi. Vonda is a graduate of the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis California.  She has over a decade of massage Sacramento experience and graduated in 2001.

Massage Sacramento Hot Rock Massage

VSSAGE offers a wide selection of massage Sacramento styles including Eastern and Western styles. People seek out massage for different reasons.  Massages can greatly reduce stress and can help relieve the chronic pain that some people have been struck with.  Studies have shown that a massage Sacramento can boost your body’s immune system.

If you’re in the market for a massage in the Sacramento area, you need to find a great massage therapist who has been properly educated and has quite a bit of experience.  It’s important that the therapist can provide the right type of massage for the results you’re seeking.  It’s also very important to communicate to the massage therapist you’re talking to, and let them know exactly what kind of body problems you’re dealing with and what the benefits you’re hoping to get from the massage.

When you’re ready for your massage, make sure you tell the therapist about any areas that are feeling tender, tight or painful.  Also, don’t be shy about giving your therapist feedback during your massage Sacramento. If you have any skin sensitivities, make sure to say so.  There are many different oil products available, so you want to make sure that the right one is used for your skin type.

It’s gratifying for Vonda her to know that her work can touch people’s lives in a positive way.  And often she has found that her own life is touched by the many “great teachers” who have found their way to her massage Sacramento practice.

Vonda is passionate about being gainfully employed by providing a service that can enhance the mental, physical and emotional well being of her clients.  VSSAGE is located in Sacramento, in a serene and clean home environment. This quiet environment provides VSSAGE’s clients a relaxed and refreshing place to get their massage Sacramento.

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