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Faith and Family

I admire families that are close, especially those with a strong faith base.  A dear friend, Gladys and her family are rallying around one of their family members, Olivia, as she recovers from a hit and run accident that has left her paralyzed.   I had the pleasure of going to the Santa Clara Valley Rehabilitation Center over the weekend to give a random act of kindness massage to Olivia. Prior to giving the massage, I met some of the family members in the visitors room.  Gladys’ Mom had brought some homemade food in.  As I entered Olivia’s room and saw her lying in the bed, paralyzed, it was heart wrenching.  It warmed my heart to see all of the love around the room in the form of family photos, poster boards with positive comments, prayers, angel statues, etc.  It was also beautiful to witness the love and positivity of the family while giving the massage.  Olivia impressed me with her positivity as well. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer and positivity.

Speedy healing wishes to Olivia and ongoing prayers and positive energy to the entire family.