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About Vonda

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My desire to make an ongoing positive, lasting impact in the world fueled my decision to enter the massage profession.

I have been self employed for over two decades.  I initially worked in the communications field in the military. After my Navy/Air Force Reserves enlistments ended, I worked in a few government positions, ultimately working as a Paralegal in the corporate world.  I also got into marketing at the last firm I worked in. It was no surprise that a Myers-Briggs indicator test revealed sitting behind a desk was not a suitable fit for me.  In 2008, I took a leap of faith, followed my heart and intuition and now primarily do massage.  I also do marketing/consulting for small businesses as a side hustle.

I have a interest in the arts, history and science; a kaleidoscopic imagination; world explorer with an insatiable curiosity and adventurous spirit; jester who relishes in life's absurdities and believes nothing's too sacred to laugh at including one's self; Buddhist who earnestly practices kindness as my religion; athlete who is adept at many sports and enjoys almost any physical challenge; openly communicative; kind, considerate and fair; book/people/street smart; mischievous/wily/irreverent; rational, yet passionate. A true romantic. Some of my interests which include (in no particular order): spending quality time with those I care about, playful/witty banter; the Arts, Sciences, World/American history, philosophy, music; documentaries; bird/bee-like activities; bike riding or hiking through parks or streets--day or night; yoga, kayaking, kickboxing, white water rafting, monkey business; learning (and teaching) new words, concepts and skills; roads less traveled; snuggling; taking pictures/computer graphics; writing; sneaking into places; identifying patterns in human behavior; speaking in funny accents; swinging from chandeliers (just checking to see if you're still with me); adventure travel (local or abroad); antique sales; order; chocolate; chaos; red licorice, strong coffee/tea; a healthy lifestyle mixed with occasional junk food indulgences; craft beer, red wine, or assorted adult beverages.

If you wish to learn more about self care techniques, and some of of my travels, please see my blog. I work to support my travel habit!!