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Self care 101

What is your self-care regimen? Mine varies from year to year, but this year I’ve decided to go a “little extra and add at least 1x a month resort/spa visits to my self-care protocol.

Today I drove to Harbin Hot Springs in Middleton, California, to receive a 90-minute Watsu session, hit the sauna a few times, soak in the pools and take a cold plunge or two. It was a rainy, blustery, 2+ hour drive to get to Harbin. The road there is windy and virtually CHP-free – great fun if you have a “need for speed.”

I checked in with Harbin at the front gate and eventually arrived at the pool for my Watsu session.

I had a different male practitioner this time named, Ar-len. He described what would happen during my session. He began and ended the session w/ the ringing of Tibetan bowls. What a treat!

How can I describe this exquisite experience? If you don’t mind being cradled, stretched, and massaged in a warm pool by another person who just might be of the opposite sex, then I highly recommend you experience it.

It’s like floating in a warm ocean, or what I imagine it feels like to be in the safety and comfort of a womb.

I just may have a session every time I visit Harbin! Who knows?!?!

One love