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Ten Tips to Make the Most of Your Massage

So somebody’s given you a gift certificate for a massage. You’ve never experienced one before, and are unsure yet if this is one of those gifts you’re supposed to appreciate because “it’s the thought that counts,” as they say.  You know getting this massage will involve making an appointment and being somewhere at a specific…

How Often Should I Get A Massage?

A common question I get asked after seeing a new client is, “How often should I get a massage?” Here are my general guidelines for massage treatment frequency: *Please note, this is a generic guide and would be adapted for each individual scenario.* Relaxation – Most say once a month for 60 minutes is sufficient,…

Tips for Relieving Your Chronic or Recurring Back Pain I would add to the following for management of your back pain:  Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patches, Hot Water Bottle (Fomentek), Epsom Salt Baths      

15 Min Back Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

Ready to RID YOURSELF OF BACK PAIN???? Develop a habit to strengthen your back to alleviate your back pain by committing to performing back exercises at least 3-5 times per week. How do I stick to developing a habit?  Seven Steps to Developing a New Habit  Back exercises in 15 minutes   Have…

Low Back Pain

One of the many conditions clients see me regularly for is low back pain.   My next few posts will address this issue.

Welcome to the Vssage Blog!

Today marks the launch of my Vssage Blog, and I couldn’t be more excited. Very soon, I will have regular massage related posts that I hope interest you.  You’ll see things like videos of stretches for different body parts, articles about different modalities/health and nutrition, etc. I will regularly be posting my some of my…