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My Quick Road to Recovery


I’ve been extremely blessed with only having sustained two injuries in my entire life (the first being three decades ago while at a track meet!). The recent shoulder injury I had was the worst! I wish I could say the injury was from an intense workout, or during a grand adventure, but alas, it was not. I’m not really sure how it happened. It began the morning I left from Georgia (5/20/16) after visiting my son and continued to flare up off and on for a month. I immediately made an appointment with my Doctor but couldn’t get into to see her for three weeks. In the meantime, I did modified weight training (no yoga :-() I grew frustrated, impatient and depressed during this process. I realized how much my workouts are a big part of who I am. I tried various means of alternative medicine (massage, chiropractic treatments, foam roller,
Lacrosse balls, theracane, Epsom salt baths, various analgesics, pain patches, and finally an amazing acupuncture and cupping treatment).

I am happy to say that I canceled my doctor appointment three weeks into my recovery process as I was feeling considerably better. I knew that my doctor would probably merely suggest medication to mask any pain/symptoms anyway.

In retrospect, I am thankful I did go through this ordeal because I now can better sympathize with what many other people go through when they have an injury.

Thank you to the following businesses who were instrumental in returning me to full function in one month:

Zach Hylton Fitness
One Flow Yoga
Heather Dehn, D.C.
Young Hee Yoo, Ph.d
Sherri Battle, CMT
Inge Valenti, CMT
Winston Butler, CMT
Paul Simmons, CMT

For more info re the above businesses, see my Yelp reviews