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Angel for a Day….

What’s with the angel wing photos on your website?


When I decided to update the photos on my website a few months ago, I made the spur of the moment decision to wear a pair of angel wings when the venue I had originally chose fell through and the outfit I was going to wear wasn’t altered timely enough.   So why did I choose to go with a white dress and a pair of angel wings?   The wings were a gift from a dear friend of mine who said I should have them.  I had only worn the set of wings once while wine tasting with a large group of girlfriends.  It was spontaneous and fun.  They would cause a stir wherever we went and be a great conversation starter.

When I did the photo shoot for my website photos we went outdoors to several Sacramento locations.  It was entertaining to hear what people were saying –

“Hey, look an angel!!!!”

“What is this some kind of new marketing angle?” – this from a homeless man who came running after us as we were leaving.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be an angel?  Try it, or try some other spontaneous action/adventure sometime.   It’s liberating and quite fun!